Client Love…

“The Angel Cleanse is delicious and customized to fit your dietary preference! l love the meal choices and that I don’t need to take the time to meal prep all week! l really enjoy the “snacks” and am never hungry! Angel has provided all the nutrients that are so important for brain and body health…While making meals something I look forward to :)…”

Cheri M.

“The Angel Cleanse is amazing - I feel slimmer and lighter all the way around. And so healthy. Starting the morning with her juices are the perfect way to start the day! And the biggest plus - unlike other cleanses, I am absolutely not hungry. And, the meals are consistently delicious!…”

Amber M.

“I did notice a difference…!! Feel like back to myself - water weight gone, stomach back to being flat…glad I did it! …and the 3 days this week will continue looking & feeling fierce!”

Suzie C.

“…meals do not spike my glucose levels, which is great! …My continuous glucose monitor tells me about everything and yes it’s the same with the juice even alone…which is amazing! I wear a CGM which is continuous glucose monitor and extremely accurate.”

Cheryl Renknow-Morrow

Real Client & Psychotherapist (pre-diabetic and insulin resistant)

“Super happy with the quality of food/service. A good reset for listening to my body’s needs and resisting unnecessary urges. Weight loss aside, I look leaner and as I’ve continued to workout, I can see my muscle’s definition. Highly recommend.”


“I felt great and released three pounds…woohoo. It was very easy to follow and the healthy fat snacks really helped.”


“Hi Angel! I saw my long time dermatologist today for the first time in two months and he immediately said ‘Wow you look incredible - you’ve always been thin but you’ve lost weight and you look so fit and amazing!’ I just had to share - our hard work is starting to show! Woohoo!”


“Love the food!! I feel good. Drinking soup now. All good. Thank you so much!!! I already feel better, this is so good!! Your chef is great!!! Very happy!!!”


Discover how meal delivery brings conscious wellness to your doorstep!

Save your trouble searching for healthy foods to cook at home with a convenient, nutrient-dense meal plan served ready-to-eat.

Fuel your body with real food for real benefits, enjoy cuisine that is…

  • free of gluten, dairy, industrial oils, pesticides, chemicals, and soy products

  • organic, non-GMO, and locally sourced

  • integrative nutritionist designed for body transformation

  • freshly prepared by a professional chef

  • packaged in recyclable materials for conservation purposes

  • filled only with grass-fed meats and poultry, along with sustainable seafood options

Angel’s Story…

Mom+Pilates+Nutritionist+Lifestyle Coach=AngelLife(tm)

Angel is a Massachusetts native that describes herself as a “diehard fitness enthusiast”. Angel has been active throughout her life in the fields of martial arts, kickboxing, cycling, aerobics, yoga and more. In 1990 she moved to southern California and became certified as a personal trainer and spinning instructor. She taught classes while she continued her higher education studying Spanish both abroad and in California. Angel worked after that as a medical office manager in Marina Del Rey for many years. During that time, she realized that the busy pace and stress of the corporate world was not for her. She had begun taking Pilates privately and was loving it more than anything she had ever done before. To her, this became the “end all, be all”. It was a discipline that was not only physically demanding, but mentally challenging as well. This seemed to be the perfect fit.
Angel received her certification to teach Pilates through the acclaimed ‘Pilates Center’ in Boulder Colorado in 2001. She is a PMA certified instructor and continues her Pilates studies through continuing education as well as her devout practice of yoga. Angel opened The Center…by the sea in September of 2008, then opened PilatesAngel in Hermosa Beach, where she continues to teach clients today.  Angel has twin boys and although she lived a very healthy lifestyle, she experienced a period where she suffered from gut health issues that stemmed from the stress of her divorce along with being a single mom, running a business etc. She developed many food intolerances and debilitating gut/digestive symptoms resulting from leky gut. When she worked in the medical field, she had the good fortune of working with a private practice of Board Certified Internists that also offered many holistic life approaches such as Ayurveda, acupuncture, transcendental meditation, Chinese herbs, yoga and more. Angel began studying gut health and drawing from her medical career knowledge as well as her experience working with Naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, gastroenterologists, and more…Angel stayed up scouring the internet researching gut health, leaky gut, bone broth, gut health supplements, collagen etc. This also led to her decision to go to school to become certified as an integrative nutrition health coach years later. Angel has her Advanced Gut Health credential through IIN as well as her Advanced Hormone Health credential and Is a Certified Gluten Free Health Practitioner.  Her personal triumph over inflammation & gut issues was what lead to the birth of The Wellness Angel(tm) and the creation of AngelCleanse(tm) now, TheWellnessAngelLife.

Our Mission

At The Wellness Angel, we believe in optimal health and wellness both for our clients and our planet!  In addition to our all organic, local and sourced ingredients, we use recyclable glass bottles whenever possible and BPA free when they are not available along with biodegradable snack packaging. Many of the herbs and vegetables are organically homegrown by our experienced, dedicated Chef Hannes! Our mission aligns with the Slow Food movement as we value retrieving only organic, local, and sourced ingredients for all of our nutrition programs!  Our unique and effective gut reset nutrition program rebalances the entire body, leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best!   AngleLife subscription organic meal delivery and corporate wellness program and AngelCleanse Reset were designed and developed by our founder Angel Maffei after years of studying and healing from her own digestive distress.

Medical Advice Disclaimer

The information, including but not limited to: text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational
purposes ONLY. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always
seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical
condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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