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The Studio


PilatesAngel is a private neighborhood studio. It is located in Hermosa Beach. Our studio has a light, bright, and “beachy” ambiance. We offer private, semi-private and small group mat, reformer and jump board classes. The studio offers ocean views, vaulted ceilings & state-of-the-art Peak equipment which includes reformers, cadilllac/trap table, high/low chair, barrels and more. At PilatesAngel, clients are able to have a full Pilates experience in a warm and intimate setting.  Angel is classically trained and certified by the world renowned ‘The Pilates Center’ in Boulder Colorado. Our commitment to our clients is to offer the best training available from hard core sweaty work-outs to rehabilitative classes to stretching. Whatever your needs, we are able to accommodate and you will walk out feeling balanced and refreshed.


Movement is essential for optimal physical and emotional health. Joseph Pilates said, “Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it”. Angel lives TheWellnessAngel lifestyle & this concept and additionally believes that the obtainment of health is enjoyable. She will create a personal exercise program that will be the highlight of your day – a time you relish and anticipate. You will find our atmosphere pleasing, awash with natural light and pure ocean breeze. Your workout program will reflect your preferences and schedule so that you will reach your fitness goals with ease. Muscles and bones are strengthened and circulation, respiration, and posture improved leading to a greater sense of emotional well-being and empowerment.

Pilates is “the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind, fully capable of naturally performing our many daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.” Joseph Pilates

The Method

Joseph H. Pilates was a sickly child. He suffered from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever. From an early age he studied movement and understood the need for the complete mastery and control of his body movement. By the age of 14, Pilates had rehabilitated his own body to the point that he was able to pose for anatomical charts.

In 1914, Joseph Pilates was interned in England and began developing his exercise system. He called his method “the Art of Contrology”. His unique approach used the mind to master the control of the muscles. During World War I he taught his method to fellow internees and successfully maintained their health through the deadly influenza epidemic of 1918.

During the latter part of the war, he served as an orderly in a hospital on the Isle of Man, where he began rigging bed springs to assist the rehabilitation of nonambulatory patients. This system of exercises and the equipment he developed was the beginning of Pilates as we know it today. These spring-based exercises became the blueprint of our current Pilates apparatus Pilates would later design to be used in conjunction with the mat work. The mat work is the original movement system that Joseph Pilates created and is just as effective as the work done on the equipment and can be done anywhere anytime.

Joseph Pilates stated: “Physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind, fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

Overall, the Pilates Method of movement is a system of exercises is a system of exercises that are designed to build strength as it lengthens muscles. There is never any stress on the joints, though the muscles and joints are worked through their full range of motion. Each exercise focuses on relaxation, concentration, coordination, centering, alignment, breathing, stamina, and flowing movement.

Pilates believed that if practiced daily, a uniformly developed body would be achieved. This refers to when the smaller, intrinsic muscles are turned on and the dominant larger muscles become secondary muscles to create a balance of forces at the joint level. This allows the breath to pass through all the tissue without blockage and restores equilibrium and suppleness to the spine.

Its many benefits include:

– Increased lung capacity

– Strength and Flexibility (particularly the abdominals and the back muscles)

– Muscular and mental coordination

– Improved posture, balance, bone density, and joint health

– Better overall health & well being

Who’s teaching?

Angel Maffei

Angel is a Massachusetts native that describes herself as a “diehard fitness enthusiast”. Angel has been active throughout her life in the fields of martial arts, kickboxing, cycling, aerobics, yoga and more.

In 1990 she moved to southern California and became certified as a personal trainer and spinning instructor. She taught classes while she continued her higher education studying Spanish both abroad and in California. Angel worked after that as a Medical office manager in Marina Del Rey for many years. During that time she realized that the busy pace and stress of the corporate world was not for her.

She had begun taking Pilates privately and was loving it more than anything she had ever done before. To her, this became the “end all, be all”. It was a discipline that was not only physically demanding, but mentally challenging as well. This seemed to be the perfect fit.

Angel received her certification to teach Pilates through the acclaimed ‘Pilates Center’ in Boulder Colorado in 2001. She is a PMA certified instructor and continues her Pilates studies through continuing education as well as her devout practice of yoga.  Angel opened The Center…by the sea in September of 2008.  She has owned & operated PILATESANGEL in Hermosa Beach subsequently for over 10 years. Angel graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition In 2020 as an integrative nutrition health coach.  She teaches both yoga and Pilates at her studio as well as in clients homes.

She believes that through these methods she can help clients to become better in tune with their bodies on all levels and to promote better overall balance and well-being.

Pricing & Scheduling

Private Sessions

This 55 minute session is one on one and focuses on specific needs of the individual client. An instructor is able to customize the sessions towards whatever your needs-whether a rigorous sweaty hour or rehabilitating an injury and anything in between.

$525 – 5 Sessions
$1,000 – 10 Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions

Two clients of similar ability are paired together to enjoy a fast paced workout whether it be mat work, reformer work or jump board. Can be taught slow or fast depending on needs of the clients.

$60 each (2 in a class required)
$550 each – 10 semi-privates (2 in a class required)


offered at a variety of levels, all classes whether beginner, intermediate or advanced will move through a series of exercises and they will each be linked together with Pilates transitions. Angel teaches reformer, and mat pilates along with magic circle& other  classes upon request & scheduled directly with her.  You will feel it!

$380 – 10 classes
$700 – 20 classes

contact Angel to schedule 310-710-9772

Most group classes require former knowledge of the repertoire. It is suggested that participants have a minimum of 5 private pilates lessons prior to attending a group class.

No refunds on any and all purchases.

ALL purchases expire after 6 months.

    Contact Angel for booking and/orquestions!

Via phone @310.710.9772

Via emailangel_maffei@yahoo.com

JH Pilates said,

“If at age 30 you are stiff and out of shape, then you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong, then you are young”

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