The order of the cleanse works BEST as follows, but feel free to enjoy it any way you prefer!

Gauge your personal hunger!

All participants & their schedules vary as far as when they get hungry.

“I’m not hungry in the morning, so I drink my juice, follow with coffee, and then I eat  half of my superfood snack around  11am

-Angel Maffei

How to Angel Cleanse


1. Drink Juice first thing in morning when you get up or feel hungry

2. Coffee can be enjoyed AFTER your juice or elixir (this will create a PH BALANCED system to ensure you are rehydrated, vital nutrients are absorbed, & that your system does not become too acidic )

Need to know: Coffee AFTER juice!

“I make a keto collagen coffee every morning…I recommend only organic nut milk (coconut or almond are great)” - A

3. Eat your snack or half of one if/when you feel hungry.

Snacks are quite nutrient dense; they are 2 servings unless they’re the protein balls (which are 1 ball per serving)

4. Have your Superfood bowl as your LATE lunch.

“Everybody’s body/schedule varies! I also add lots of extra virgin olive oil to my bowl, then dip in the dressing…Dressings are Amazing though (garden grown, pureed herb superfood blends)

5. Eat the other half of your superfood snack in the late afternoon.

If you are hungrier than what the plan comes with, feel free to add in high quality protein, organic fruits with nut butters, nuts, seeds, teas, & veggies.

6. Enjoy your 72 hr. simmered, collagen-rich bone OR mineral broth for dinner

“You will receive the benefits of shutting down your digestive organs & rebooting them, as well as an intermittent fast.” - A


How do I dispose of my recyclable packaging? Please leave all thermal bags and any GLASS bottles out for pick up on delivery days IF signed up for your Angel Cleanse (all plastic containers can be recycled, only leave GLASS bottles for pick-up).

How can I order my cleanse ahead/subscribe? Select ORDER NOW at the top of the page and add a four-week subscription (or multiple) to your cart, then select your plan to order accordingly!

How can I request a long distance delivery for myself or someone I know? Contact Angel directly and privately via email or text message .

How can I reach out with further questions, comments, or concerns? Find Angel Maffei’s contact info, located on the home page.

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